Automated ecosystems guarding students safety

Smart Safe School is a Hi-Tech solution comprising Smart & Healthy Environment, CrimeFree, BUSafety, and Disaster Early Warning – DEW. It guards the safety of students from the moment they leave for school until the time they get back home.

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Smart & Healthy Environment makes the environment in a class or school bus healthy and comfortable. A combination of sensors and actuators automatically creates the best conditions for students. A safe, hygienic, and comfortable environment is a powerful support for learning.


Automated optimal environment control
24/7 conditions remote monitoring
Comfort and other custom sensors
Turn on/off ventilation, air extraction system
Automatically adjust the temperature in the class
Open/close windows, window shades, and blinds
Automatically turn on/off and adjust lighting level
Automatically lock windows and doors

BUSafety records and notifies the bus driver which seats have unbuckled passengers. This promotes a distracted driver free ride, while also logging incident history to assure students are abiding by safety procedures. Bus surveillance cameras can be integrated with the solution to stream live video in an emergency.


Location of unbuckled passenger’s row & seat number
Emergency collision notification
Location history
Bus Black Box
Buckle & unbuckle data history
Driver quality assessment
Cross reference inputs with other devices
Voice & light alert system

CrimeFree is a combination of DrugFree, GangFree, BullyFree and Shooting / Stabbing Alert features. When pressed, a student’s wearable SOS button sends a help request with the student’s location to the School Office. It can help schools prevent gang recruitment, drug abuse, or bullying, and maximize kids safety in the event of a school shooting.


Provides anonymity and confidentiality
Encourages respectful behavior between students
Notifies emergency contact of the incident with location on the map
Live video streaming when cameras are available
Eliminates overwhelming fear of speaking up
Shooting and Stabbing alert via texts and loud speakers
Promotes a safe environment for the students
Increases productivity and cognitive development of students

Disaster Early Warning provides notification for earthquakes, as well as other natural and man-made disasters. In case of a hazard the system immediately alerts students and school staff, who can take necessary measures to protect students’ lives. DEW automatically plays prerecorded announcements depending on the type of threat.


Monitors safe environment in real-time
Plays prerecorded announcements
Provides earliest warnings
Alerts with loud speaker warnings
Sends SOS alerts to Emergency Center
Defines the type and category of a threat
Requires minimal financial funding
Custom sensors can be added on request