Make sure your loved ones drive safely, monitor driver behavior and get detailed information about the car remotely. If there is a car accident or a breakdown, you will be the first to know.


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CarDroid is an innovative in-vehicle monitoring device which is created to ensure a new level of safety-oriented services for drivers.

The device is developed to provide useful features and the best experience to its users.

Android OS

With Android OS inside the possibilities of CarDroid are unlimited. Get constant over-the-air updates to increase stability and add new features to the device


The first Wi-Fi module increases location data accuracy, the second one connects CarDroid to other devices


Increases stability and power efficiency of the device

MicroSD slot

Allows you to extend the memory of your device to keep data locally

Micro-SIM slot

Carefully and tirelessly holds your SIM-card

Dual-Core CPU

MediaTek MT6572 Dual-Core 1.2 GHz CPU is powerful enough to take care of all calculations


Provides one more way to connect the device to other devices

Security sensor

Adds one more layer to your car security system. In case there is any suspicious activity inside your car, you will be notified


Thanks to its built-in battery CarDroid does not drain the battery of your car

Micro USB port

Allows to charge the device and transfer files via micro USB cable

GPS module

A built-in GPS ceramic antenna is in charge of location data collection. There is also a possibility to connect an external GPS antenna to amplify the signal

Bosch 9-axis sensor

Catches every single movement of your car

Stay wide awake

Our unique technology ESNaR takes a driver's safety to a higher level. ESNaR stands for Emergency Situation Notification and Reconstruction. If CarDroid detects a car accident or an abnormal car behavior, it will instantly notify you. There's no need in expensive call centers. You are your family's call center now. If something happens to one of your folks on the road, you will immediately know about it.

The Car Is In Good Hands

With this feature you can make sure your family members drive carefully, monitor your fleet and check whether your driver does everything right. Moreover, our service can help you analyze your own actions on the road making your driving more efficient and helping you save on fuel.

Check How Your Car Feels

CarDroid helps you look after your car. If something is wrong with it, you will be immediately notified. Check detailed car diagnostics reports in your account and solve problems easily: CarDroid shows you an exact trouble code letting you know where the problem is. With CarDroid you can troubleshoot your car either locally, with the help of a smartphone or tablet, or remotely, using your online account.

Security sensor

CarDroid is equipped with a motion sensor. When you leave a car, CarDroid turns on the sensor and starts guarding the interior space of your car. If the sensor detects any movement, you will instantly get a notification. Thus, CarDroid adds another security layer to your car, beside the alarm system which you already use. This technology allows you to enhance your car's theft protection and makes sure you do not forget your child or pet inside.

Bosch 9-axis orientation sensor

The high-sensitivity sensor detects a car's movements and analyzes them. It is one of the core hardware elements of our ESNaR service. In case of a car accident the sensor detects it and sends a notification to a user's online account. The sensor's data is used to build a 3D reconstruction of the car's motion path at the moment of an accident. If a car gets into an accident you will be able to reconstruct the situation, see how the car moved and analyze driver's behavior.


You can connect CarDroid to any device running Android, iOS or Windows Phone via Wi-Fi and check all data locally. In this case no Internet connection is required. The device also has a Wi-Fi positioning option. It means that you can locate a car even if it is in the area where GPS is unavailable. Besides, with CarDroid you can create a Wi-Fi hotspot inside a car and share the Internet connection with any external device.


Apart from the great amount of functions that CarDroid can perform by itself, it can use other devices to do even more. You can connect different sensors, relays, locks and other peripherals depending on your own needs. By adding such devices you can broaden CarDroid's capabilities and create the kit you personally need. Also, Bluetooth® may be used for in-door positioning to determine a car location when GPS is unavailable.

Device specifications

Android 4.4
  • Hardware

    System chip
    MediaTek MT6572, Dual-core, 1.2 GHz
    512 MB
    4 GB
    Storage expansion
    Battery capacity
    1950 mAh
  • Connectivity

    3G (including HSPA+), GPRS, EDGE
    GPS, A-GPS, Wi-Fi positioning
  • Sensors

    Orientation sensor
    9-axis Bosch sensor (accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope)
    Motion Sensor
    microwave motion sensor
    Light sensor