Carefree travel for passengers!

Bus drivers need to be focused on the road to keep their passengers safe, but by constantly monitoring their passengers, especially children, people with special needs and seniors, they're reducing their visibility of the road, as their attention is focused on the inside of the vehicle.

People not wearing a seat belt are 30 times more likely to be ejected from a vehicle during a crash. More than 3 out of 4 people who are ejected during a fatal crash die from their injuries. By integrating our BUSafety solution into buses, we can effectively reduce this statistic dramatically.

BUSafety solution is perfect for

School & field
trip buses
Public transport
Senior home
People with special
needs buses
Tour buses
Coaching transport

Public Safety Benefits

  • Instant notification to bus driver when seat belt is unbuckled
  • Location of unbuckled passenger’s row & seat number
  • Driver quality assessment
  • Emergency collision notification
  • Bus black box
  • Cross reference inputs with other devices
  • Child proof & friendly
  • Buckle & unbuckle data history
  • Voice & light alerted system
  • Location history
  • Designed to handle high pressure
  • Vibration resistant

BUSafety Overview

  • Bluetooth mesh Seat belt sensors
    Securely fasten the passenger and monitor the safety status.
  • Seat occupancy sensors
    Detect if the passenger is seated in the bus during the trip.
  • DriverHUB with display
    Accumulates information from all peripheral devices.
  • Optional HelpU SOS button
    Alerts emergency contact if accident or incident occurs.
  • Optional GPS/LTE module
    Locates the bus in real time and collects its route history.
  • Optional Bluetooth sensors: temperature, humidity, CO, CO2, methane, smoke, air quality sensors
    Monitor the bus environment to make trips safe and pleasant.
Buckle & unbuckle data history

The logs with information about buckled/unbuckled passengers status during a ride are stored on DriverHUB, and can be accessed through a user personal account to see whether all passengers were safe.

Bluetooth mesh

Each seat belt sensor has Bluetooth. Seat belt sensors create a Bluetooth mesh network to transmit data locally to the DriverHUB. So no SIM card is required, and there are no mobile network fees!

Driver quality assessment

Data on speeding, emergency braking, harsh turns and rapid accelerations events are being constantly monitored and analyzed. The data makes it possible to immediately detect reckless driving.

Bus black box

Trip history and data of speed, time of day/night, distance traveled are stored in a protected part of the device and can be analyzed in case a collision happens. The reconstruction with a 3D car model will be available in personal account.

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