Somalia phone locator

Somalia phone locator
Country: Somalia
System name: UonMap
Specialization: locator
Year of lauching the system: 2012
Used technologies: GSM, GPS, A-GPS, WFL
Trial period: to 18 days

UonMap application is a locator. Somalia locator is available for Android, IOS and Windows Phone 8.
UonMap locator is designed for all mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) with GPS function and Internet access.
Our locator is a multifunctional system. You can use the locator to:

  • track the routes of vehicles, cargo, employees, couriers;
  • know your children's location any time;
  • take care of your seniors or other family members. Now in case of emergency, you will always know exactly where they are;
  • watch your pets;
  • find a stolen or lost device.

Wherever you are, at work or at school, on a business trip or vacation. Use the app any time you want all over the world. With locator you can keep your life and business under control! UonMap provides a wide range of options. With locator you will get exactly what you want!
The operating principles of Somalia locator are quite simple. UonMap locator locates the target phone. The phone is to be connected to the Internet via GPRS or Wi-Fi at least periodically in order to upload new data to your account. All data is stored on UonMap servers and is available 24/7 from your account.
UonMap locator is a hybrid positioning system. It uses GPS, A-GPS and Wi-Fi to locate a mobile device.

Specially for customers from Somalia we provide a 3 USD bonus!

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