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Thanks to its experience UonMap Group can offer integration with third party devices and platforms, customization of existing solutions, or R&D of new ideas.

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UonMap Group is engaged into research and development of hardware and software (client and server) for vehicles (cars, tracks, aircrafts, vessels, trains and other moving machines); commercial and residential buildings (governmental, civilian and others); commercial or private machines; constructions; manufacturing; mining; environment; security; entertainment and personal use.
This includes collecting, processing, storing and transferring different kinds of data related to monitoring, management, diagnostics, analysis, tracking, video recording and displaying. Data can be obtained or transferred through wire or wireless connection with devices (using on-board sensors) and their modifications with or without integration with third party machines or sensors. OEM/ODM hardware and software for digital and analog surveillance cameras, data storing and processing include client-server software (MS Windows®, Mac®, Linux®, iOS®, Android™ and their modifications), mobile applications and web-based platforms.
UonMap Group provides services for development and distribution of telematic solutions using the Internet and software running on servers, as well as on wearable devices: smart phones, tablets, smart watches and other gadgets.
UonMap Group is an experienced designer and manufacturer of telematic hardware. Our professional R&D team is able to create high quality solutions basing on customers' demands.
Our Team has created such multifunctional Internet connected solutions for safety of people. The devices bring universalism to the Internet of Things world. Modular architecture of these devices allows us to customize hardware taking into account customers' requirements.
UonMap is engaged into R&D and production of wide range of sensors: temperature, smoke, gas (propane, methane, CO2), distance, motion sensors, and other environment, safety and security sensors.

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