GPS tracking or how to get a cell phone location using GPS

People, who have modern cell phones usually do not use all their features completely. One of these features is the GPS. It is a very useful tool in your cell phone which lets have a lot of opportunities like phone tracking. Just imagine how useful GPS tracking may be in your urban life! Combine business with pleasure.

All what you need is to install an appropriate application on the target cell phone with integrated GPS module, and you will get a smart solution against lots of problems. UonMap service is a GPS tracking system that allows you to know phones current location and all the tracks for any time period you like. UonMap app shows you the current location of the target phone using Google Maps and transfers the information to your account on UonMap.com. Thus you or your relatives are able to track required cell phones online.

There is one more benefit in UonMap cell phone tracking application. Imagine that you do not know whereabouts you are now and need to figure out your current location. Install it on your own device and the cell phone tracking app UonMap will help you. This app is a very useful phone locator that shows your current location on the cell ...

Cell phone location

Finding out cell phone location is based on the use of GPS and GSM. GPS is a global satellite navigation system. Looking for a cell phone location via GSM network is based on tracking the signal level of the phone at the closest network base stations. You may monitor cell phone location with UonMap app. Our application offers a service to determine cell phone location. Step by step, every day we are upgrading the work of our system, and it makes cell phone location easier and more convenient.

Through the account you can track the cell phone location, or to watch the travel history for any time period you like. You may even watch the cell phone location in real time. In your account you can add an unlimited number of phones that you can track and watch the cell phone location.

UonMap application helps you to track any Android, iOS cell phone location. There are no any difficulties in tracking cell phone location. Just install the app on the target phone and sign up at our website to get your own account to monitor the target cell phone location.

Our сell phone location app sends GPS coordinates from the target mobile device to your account remotely all the time.

Child safety

Caring parents about their child safety is a necessary condition for the harmonious development of the child. In the life of every child there will be mistakes, which he will learn by himself, but it would be better to avoid these mistakes. While growing up, the child himself will be able to distinguish the degree of threat. Child safety depends on many reasons. Take care of your child safety. Our mobile app will help to increase your child safety in the early stages of life to prevert him from getting into a bad company, and in some cases save his live.

UonMap application installed on your child's phone can find out his location anytime and everywhere. This app is actual for young parents who want to be assured in their child safety.

All parents want to be assured in their child safety, to know their location. If you want to know whether they are at home, whether he got to school, or skipped his lessons. How can parents keep their child safety? How to protect their children from bad company, how to take care of child safety? UonMap app answers all these questions about how to get your child safety.

Tracking, monitoring your kids mobile phone—is not an ...

Cargo tracking

Cargo transportations occupie an important niche in a business area. Trucking industry is very significant in modern economy. You must be fast and accurate to have a success in this field. Cargo tracking is a good way to secure you transportations.

Reliable partners, logical analysis, modern transport, responsible staff do not exclude the risk of wares' accidental loss or delay. Cargo insurance may be an effective tool to secure a shipment but is also not completely safe. Useing cargo tracking devices and mobile applications is an optimal solution to provide your business. UonMap app is one of cargo tracking services. There are many opportunities to use UonMap service as a cargo tracking tool.

1. The easiest way in cargo tracking is to use GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO vehicle trackers and UonMap service, which were developed especially for transport and cargo tracking purposes. For cargo tracking you have to create your account on UonMap.com. Then order a vehicle tracker, put a SIM card in the tracker, send the tracker's IMEI number, your UonMap.com login to support@uonmap.com. After this procedure the tracker will be added to your account and you will receive a list of ...

Senior Care

Elders ammount to the increasing part of the population. Many have kept in good health and active lifestyle. The main problems faced by senior, are senior care and the problems of social and psychological adaptation. The elderly man's memory retrogresses, reduces the ability to orient in space and time. How to raise the quality of senior care?

For senior care we must not to affect negatively their socialization, taking off home duties or hobbies, communication, walks, which seem to bring a great benefit. Thus, you can cause an elderly person depression, and this may lead to a sharp deterioration in their health instead of senior care. Remember that for senior care it's very important to keep fit for elderly person. But how can you let them go out alone? What to do if your old man decided to take a walk? It is important for them not to get lost. If either he or she needs some emergency but you do not know the location. What to do in this case? With our service you will be able to know where your elderly parent is now. Or to watch their track history for any time period you'd like.

All what you need is to install an appropriate application on the target cell phone ...